Meditations on Food and Time ♨️

Is not an online exhibition, but rather a collection of images, thoughts, ideas, recipes, videos and references gathered in collaboration with people whose work, practice and vision- I share, love or admire. Enjoy.

Ad Minoliti, Disidencia Alimentaria

Ad Minoliti, Disidencia Alimentaria

Ad Minoliti, Disidencia Alimentaria

When it comes to veganism, and how we incorporate it in our every day life, it is important to learn from grandparents and brown and black vegans, as it is to follow and invest in their projects. Some of my favorite are Veggie Mijas, Slutty Vegan ATL or Cocina Vegan Fácil. We must stand against eco-fascism and fight white veganism.

Ad Minoliti (Argentina, 1980) is an artist. They currently live and work in Buenos Aires.

A la hora de pensar en veganismos e incorporarlxs a nuestra vida cotidiana, es importante aprender de abuelxs y veganxs marrones y negrxs , así como seguir e invertir en sus proyectos. Algunxs de mis favoritxs son Veggie Mijas, Slutty Vegan ATL o Cocina Vegan Fácil. Debemos pelear contra el eco-facismo y el veganismo blanco.

Ad Minoliti (Argentina, 1980) es artista. Actualmente vive y trabaja en Buenos Aires.