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Is not an online exhibition, but rather a collection of images, thoughts, ideas, recipes, videos and references gathered in collaboration with people whose work, practice and vision- I share, love or admire. Enjoy.

Jorge Mundo, Edible playlist

Jorge Mundo, Edible playlist

Jorge Mundo, Edible playlist

Jorge (Jota) Mundo is a musician, producer and sound engineer based in Caimito, Puerto Rico. He is a member of several bands and musical projects including Los Vigilantes, EspaZmos and Bajo Mundo, among others. He is also the host of his own podcast, El Culto (The cult) on

Jorge (Jota) Mundo es un músico, productor e ingeniero de sonido basado en Caimito, Puerto Rico. Es miembro de diferentes agrupaciones y proyectos musicales incluyendo Los Vigilantes, EspaZmos y Bajo Mundo, entre otros. Conduce también su propio podcast, El Culto, a través de