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Is not an online exhibition, but rather a collection of images, thoughts, ideas, recipes, videos and references gathered in collaboration with people whose work, practice and vision- I share, love or admire. Enjoy.

Michael Ray-Von, Choosing to be happy

Michael Ray-Von, Choosing to be happy

Some months back, in a period of non-depression, I realized that happiness could be a choice; that even in my ugliest moments of self-hate and anxiety I could take an escape ladder just by choosing to be happy. I decided to set a reminder on my phone. And since then every Tuesday at 17:00 I get a reminder that says “choosing to be happy”. Grammatically dubious, but it’s the best notification I receive. And every time I hit Complete, the choice to be happy gets easier to make.

Michael Ray-Von, Choosing to be happy

Michael Ray-Von is an artist. He currently lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

Michael Ray-Von es artista. Actualmente vive y trabaja en Basel, Suiza.